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Seminario Intensivo “Excel Empresarial”
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Bolívar 1-62 y Manuel Vega, Planta Baja, esquina.

Contenido netamente empresarial

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
CCSUD (Matriz Cuenca)



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Apr 30‚ 2016

English Beginning level

Qué dice la gente

Cómo las personas reales se expresan sobre los cursos del Centro de Capacitación Sudamericano.

Pamela Elizabeth Parra Morocho

Student Intermediate Level
Hello, my name’s Pamela. I’m studying intermediate English at CCSUD. I’m satisfied with course until now. I’m learning a lot with my teacher Cindy. She always gives me extra explanation with real examples, videos, worksheets, etc. I enjoy my time here. The platform topics are the good for each level to speak and produce the language in real situations. This kind of learning is good for me. The confidence with my teacher is the basis of my study here. I studied basic, pre-intermediate and I chose the institute again for this intermediate level because I love the methodology and the schedule’s flexibility. Sometimes, I don’t have enough time in the mornings, for example and I can adjust my schedule for the afternoons, that’s a good deal. Personally, I don’t have to suggest anything, I’m so glad to study here.

Sindy Daniela Quintuña Morales

Student Pre-intermediate Level
I have to say that this course is a rich and original experience. The fact to learn English with your method is unique. I enjoy sharing ideas with my teacher Cindy; she always helps and supports me in every moment. She ensures to reinforce the four main English skills specially the oral production by asking some questions and answering in English all the time. I feel free to speak without. I really love watch videos, real conversations, and real writings like news, documentaries, interviews, restaurants’ menu, and so on. In general, for me the course at CCSUD is great. The role of the technology as well as the teacher’s help is very important. I think is not necessary to make changes. If I have to suggest something is to organize the students according to a schedule, for example kids in a period of time and young and adults in other time.
Alexandra Uzhca

Andrea Alexandra Uzhca Suarez

Student Basic Level
My name is Andrea, I’m 20 years old. I am studying basic level at C.C.S.U.D. The way what the course is developed is very good. It is accessible for every person who wants to learn English. The teacher uses an appropriate methodology for teaching and learning the language. The platform becomes an important resource; since, I as a student can access the course’s explanation in Spanish. That is easier to understand the topics. The recommendation that I could give is about the platform tool. It can start with basic topics; for example the alphabet, numbers, weekdays, and verbs. In conclusion, I would say that the English class offers an excellent way of learning; it uses techniques different to traditional methodology.
Luz Quichimbo

Luz Quichimbo

Estudiante Informática
Buenas; mi nombre es Luz Quichimbo estoy siguiendo el curso de Auxiliar técnico en Computación yo estoy contenta por que estoy aprendiendo, me gusta sus clases el método está muy bien.
Creo que eso es todo gracias.
Diego Izquierdo

Diego Izquierdo

Estudiante Diseño
Buenas; en cuanto al curso de Diseño Web me parece de lo mas eficiente y práctico manejarnos con plataformas,  ya que estas poseen la informacion adecuada y con el manejo de las prácticas de cada módulo y los cuestionarios el aprendizaje es muy eficiente. Otra de las ventajas de  la plataforma es el ingreso desde cualquier lugar con acceso a internet, ya que con ello podemos reforzar lo aprendido. Saludos Cordiales ATT: Diego Izquierdo

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